Michael Chabon and Ayelet Waldman are one of the power couples of the writing world. According to this adorable article from last year they're the perfect little cutest couple ever. He writes his wordy novels and literary pulp, she's written memoir, fiction, and a series of nursery themed detective novels complete with clever titles, my favorite one being The Big Nap. Now, according to Variety, they have a chance to work together on an HBO pilot called Hobgoblin.

The project reportedly is "offbeat drama...that revolves around a motley group of conmen and magicians who use their skills at deception to battle Hitler and his forces during WWII."

Nice! I'd say that's a B+ for concept, A for initiative, and C- for title. Of course getting into TV can be tricky. I was excited to hear that one of my favorite authors, Charlie Huston, was working on a pilot for his novel The Mystic Arts of Erasing All Sign of Death. It didn't get picked up, and now I have to wait an extra year for his next novel.

So good luck guys! look forward to seeing the show in two years.