We've heard the one about suspicions over sanitation, and the accusation that food cart mania is a glorification of the sad fact that Portland people are too broke to go to real restaurants, but have you considered the devastation that the surge in food carts hath wrought on those in search of a wheeled home to call their own??

Dear Food Cart Industry, I beg you: SPARE THE TRAILERS! If it's not bad enough that all you "band wagon jumper-onners" are over-saturating the food cart market and chiming your own inevitable death knell, you've virtually DESTROYED the vintage trailer market too!! Imagine the glut of stripped, virtually unsellable trailers you're creating. When you installed the deep fryer in your vintage TRAVEL TRAILER, did you save the pink oven, the cute dinette, the beautiful paneling—all the things that make that Airstream a worthwhile TRAVEL HOME? I bet you didn't. I bet you didn't even think about the future of that trailer or the fact that there are NONE LEFT for people who actually want to TRAVEL with one. So when you're sitting in your chilly trailer, hawking crêpes to NOBODY (CUZ IT'S RAINING AND YOU HAVE NO ROOF, SEATS, or HEAT!!), think of all the sad campers you and your kind will be trying to offload next year: Hundreds of gutted, abandoned, unwanted, worthless rolling kitchens!! Jumping on the bandwagon was a great idea, huh?? Way to go, entrepreneur! That empty trailer might just end up being your next home!

I, Anonymous: Confess your woes and your evil deeds.