So this weird story is brewing over on the Oregonian's Hard Drive blog.

After TriMet spent about $46,000 designing and installing a safety system on buses that will blast the words "PEDESTRIANS, THE BUS IS TURNING" every time a bus turns, local electrical engineer Jeri Ellsworth made a little video on YouTube about how she could whip up a slightly janky but similar system for only $10. That figure is misleading because, of course, TriMet has to pay for all the research and development costs of designing and building the sound system, they can't just slap something on the buses that someone built in 30 minutes in their basement.

But anyway, Ellsworth is making a point about wasted money. And that criticism apparently didn't sit well with Peter Bartek, an executive at ProTran1, the company that's building the sound systems for TriMet. According to Hard Drive, over the weekend someone using Bartek's YouTube account left this comment on the video: “I hate to tell you this but; you have set back the progress of women 100 years.”

Now Ellsworth is claiming his account was hacked but, uh, that seems like quite the stretch to me.