In case you haven't heard, the Mercury is giving up our skanky NE Portland digs and moving downtown, where it's FANCY. In preparation for the move (and to make room for our fat asses after a couple months of feasting continuously on cart foods), the Mercury is having a yard sale, and you should totes be there! We'll be offloading years and years worth of promotional garbage materials, furniture, and maybe even our life sized talking cardboard cutout of Jar Jar Binks! (I said maybe.) And because it wouldn't be a weekend afternoon spent with co-workers without it, we'll also be drinking. All day. And! If you have some crap you're looking to offload, bring it! We'll have a special table set up just for Blogtownies, and all the money will go to benefit Operation Fuzzy Mice, which is helping pets and animals displaced by the tsunami/earthquake in Japan because CAT FRIDAY FOREVER, MAN. This is all going down on Sunday, April 10, so mark your calendars and save your pennies in case Erik decides to part with any of his Terminator action figures (NOT FUCKING LIKELY).


Gee, maybe that Cylon Raider should belong to someone who DUSTS IT every once in a blue moon.