Kendall Clawson: Shes got the power.
  • Kendall Clawson: She's got the power.
Tomorrow night the Mercury and Bus Project are hosting the first Give a Shit Club happy hour—come get a drink at the Guild Public House between the hours of 6-8pm and meet a bunch of young people interested in politics and action and political action.

The Give a Shit Club also has two special guests who will give super short talks about projects you can get involved in. The first is Dill Pickle Club founder Marc Moscato, the second is Kendall Clawson, the former Q-Center director who is now the governor's director of appointments.

It's Clawson's job to try and get a diverse and dedicated group of people to take on roles the state—everything from the well-paid people in charge of regulating energy to volunteers who advise the state from groups like the disabilities commission. She's looking for people (regular people! Like, you people.) to fill a long list of vacancies (pdf) on state commissions. There's openings on the Environmental Justice commission, the Hispanic Affairs commission, the Oregon Council for Humanities—and Clawson is the person to talk to about what those gigs entail and how to get them. Tomorrow is an excellent chance to get a drink and talk about how to become an actual adviser to the state. Or to just get a drink. Your choice.