The ill effects of Japan's nuclear crisis have apparently made their way to the west coast of the US:

To all you fear-mongering panic shoppers who cleared the shelves of Potassium Iodide last week in the wake of the Japanese disaster: Did it even dawn on you to check the scientific data before you went berserk?

A week later the Oregon Public Health web site states: "Radiation from the damaged nuclear reactors in Japan is not a health risk in Oregon. The EPA has an extensive network of radiation monitors around the country and no radiation levels have been detected."

California reports the same. It is highly unlikely that there will be any fallout whatsoever on the west coast of the US from the radiation leaks at Japanese nuclear plants. These are radiation leaks not towering mushroom clouds. Nothing that the upper atmosphere (jet stream) will pick up.

So while you will never use your six or ten bottles of Iodoral, there are those of us who actually need these daily supplements to treat chronic medical conditions who now have to go without. Do me a favor, when you get rid of them in a few months, please flush them down the toilet. That will insure that it will at least get into our drinking water where it can do us all some good.

Ew, I hate it when people equate toilet water with drinking water, even if it is true. Maybe I should write an I, Anonymous about it!