Yesterday was a rough day for Portland Police Sergeant J. Santos, who was riding his bike along NW Cornell Road in the morning when a car buzzed past within inches of him, almost hitting the off-duty officer. Then the driver got worse. Much worse.

Take it away, police press release!

The driver, later identified as 68-year-old Larry Fornshell, passed Sergeant Santos and continued on. When both came into town to a traffic control device, Sergeant Santos rode to the right of Mr. Fornshell's car. Fornshell turned right, into Santos. Just prior to the intersection of Northwest 25th Avenue and Northwest Lovejoy Street, Mr. Fornshell stopped abruptly. Santos said he had to ride to the left of Fornshell's vehicle into the oncoming traffic lanes to avoid hitting Fornshell's car and slapped Fornshell's vehicle with his hand. When Santos and Fornshell came to the intersection, Fornshell put his vehicle in reverse and attempted to hit Santos on his bike. Santos jumped off of his bike and ran with his bike to the sidewalk. Fornshell then hit Santos' bike as he was holding onto it. Santos jumped out of the way to avoid being struck and Fornshell left the scene of the crash. Santos remembered the license plate number from the vehicle and called 911.

Last evening, March 22, 2011, Fornshell was located and arrested for the Hit and Run and Attempt Assault.

Excuse me, Larry Fornshell, simple driving rule: Dont run over cops on bikes.
  • Excuse me, Larry Fornshell, simple driving rule: Don't run over cops on bikes.