Japan Worried About the Children: Tokyo orders infants to not drink tap water because it may be radioactive (uh... everyone else: Keep drinking the radioactive water!). The nation's schools also hold sad, defiant graduation ceremonies.

Libya Bombing Continues: Qaddafi's forces step up their attacks, while the cost of US intervention could reach $1 billion.

Bus Bombing in Jerusalem: One person is dead after a bomb explodes at a bus stop.

Google Books Hangup: A judge rules that Google can't put whole books online without the authors' and publishers' signoff.

Elizabeth Taylor is Dead! Sigh. Here are a bunch of beautiful pictures of the film star.

Spokane Words: The Neo-Nazi who planned to bomb Spokane's MLK Day parade now faces federal charges.

Toxic Waste Overflow: We're making 2,200 new tons of nuclear waste a year... and the toxic waste dumps are almost full.

More Oil! More Oil! Feds issue more offshore drilling permits in the Gulf. Because we never, ever learn.

We're the Bike-iest Bike City that Ever Biked! A new USDOT study finds (surprise!) Portland is city that best supports biking as a "mainstream transportation choice".

Blue Heron Paper Workers Shouldn't Get Shafted: When 175 Oregon City workers were abruptly laid off from the Blue Heron paper mill, they got zilch. Now a judge says they at least get two months pay.


Stuffed Knut! Germany's star polar bear Knut has died! The Berlin zoo has decided to stuff him and put him in a museum. Poll time!