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The better team lost on Saturday, according to Portland coach John Spencer.

And while that statement is nothing more than a coach backing his team and trying to keep it in good spirits, the fiery Scotsman is hardly in denial: The Timbers out-played Toronto FC in most statistical categories on Sunday, but in the end, the scoreboard read Toronto 2, Portland 0 and the Timbers are still winless in MLS.

More thoughts after the jump, including a Canadian-technology FAIL and EXTRA TIME links with plenty of reaction from around the Internets.

After sleep-walking through much of their opener at Colorado, an improved Timbers squad showed a bit more gusto this week. Yes, just like the opener, an early defensive lapse yielded a goal — and playing from behind is an unneeded obstacle for a starting XI still trying to build cohesion — but a few choice moments of possession and some of the attacking plays gave a glimpse of the "slickness" required if Portland is to grow into a winner this year.

There's undoubtedly frustration among fans that Portland's scored just once in 180 minutes, but I doubt any of it will rear its head on Tuesday when the Timbers return to town to face Chivas USA in a U.S. Open play-in at University of Portland's Merlo Field. Win or lose, the mini-homecoming is the next phase of the team's honeymoon with the Rose City, and warm feelings will likely extend through much of the season.

But eventually, there will come a time when the better team will actually need win the game. Eventually.

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