While 130 people turned out to search for Kyron Horman this weekend, another young Portlander who has been missing nine days has received almost no media attention.

Fourteen-year-old Yashawnee Vaughn was last seen at around 7 PM on Saturday, March 19, at the 72 TriMet bus stop on 82nd Avenue and Thompson Street. Her family says Vaughn ate dinner with a friend at Taco Bell on 82nd Ave, walked to the bus stop and called another friend. That's the last anyone has heard from her—phone records show that her cell phone hasn't been used since that last call.

I wasn't even aware of this story until a reader sent me a link to a Skanner newspaper article about Vaughn's family trying to track her down (KATU also ran a super short brief about Vaughn). According to the Skanner article, Vaughn sort-of ran away from home last year after a family fight, but didn't get more than a block away. This time around, there was no fight. She seemed to be in good spirits and her family doesn't think she packed any kind of bag.

The Portland Police Bureau investigated 630 missing persons cases in 2009. They determined the whereabouts of 99 percent of all those people. It's scary to think about where she could be. Keep your eyes peeled for an 5'2", African American girl last seen wearing yellow sweats and a black leather jacket. Anyone with information about the case is asked to call 503-774-5212.