I thought it was funny to joke about my iPhone needing a breathalyzer—until someone actually invented one. There are apps that let you block certain contacts for a portion of your evening, and even a Social Media Sobriety Test that plugs into your browser and blocks you from accessing your social media until you've passed a customizable test. Now you can add "Last Night Never Happened" to the pile—an app HuffPo just profiled that allows you to mass-delete all posts to Twitter and Facebook during a certain window (instead of doing it manually, I guess?).

I like to drink and I like to Tweet, so drunk tweeting about The Tudors WILL happen (hello, last night). I can't imagine actually using any of these products, though, as much as my Twitter followers might appreciate it—they generally strike me as gimmicky and a little bit sad. But as etiquette has tended to develop a few steps behind technology (see: cell phones), it is interesting to now see technology specifically addressing questions of etiquette.

Counterpoint, anybody? Is this stuff actually useful?