The comics anthology Dark Horse Presents has a long, impressive history—it's the first place where works like Frank Miller's Sin City and Paul Chadwick's Concrete were published, for starters. After spending a few years online as MySpace Dark Horse Presents (hunt around on that site and you might just find a comic or two written by the Mercury's own Ann Romano), DHP's fled the dessicated husk of MySpace and returned to print. The relaunched Dark Horse Presents hits comics shops today, weighing in at 80 ad-free pages, costing $7.99, and featuring a promising lineup of new stories from the likes of Chadwick and Carla Speed McNeil, a prose piece by Harlan "Cantankerous Ol' Coot" Ellison, some Star Wars thing that's related to some other Star Wars thing that happened a billion years ago (shit, I'm a huge Star Wars comics nerd, and even I can't keep all of Dark Horse's Star Wars stories straight), and more.

To kick off DHP's relaunch, there's a release party tonight at Things From Another World (4133 NE Sandy). It'll go from 7-10 pm, and there'll be copies of the book, free Columbia River Brewing Company beer, free Sizzle Pie pizza, plus signings from Dark Horse Publisher Mike Richardson, Senior Editor Randy Stradley, and more. Still on the fence about attending and/or coughing up eight bucks? You can check out a preview of the issue here.