I remember briefly thinking about this upon hearing the details of how Osama bin Laden was killed, saying, "Huh. That's kind of a dick move." But I promptly forgot about it because... well... OSAMA BIN LADEN! But now that everything's beginning to die down a bit, and we can focus a little more on the details, let's see how we feel about this. From Huffington Post:

Navy SEALs confirmed the death of bin Laden in Pakistan with the now-iconic transmission: "Geronimo EKIA," or "Geronimo, Enemy Killed in Action." But as the Washington Post is reporting, the use of "Geronimo" — also the name of a legendary 19th century Apache chief — in connection with the Al Qaeda leader's death has offended Native Americans, who call the decision both painful and insulting.

“I was celebrating that we had gotten this guy and feeling so much a part of America,” Tom Holm, a former Marine, a member of the Creek/Cherokee Nations and a retired professor of American Indian studies at the University of Arizona, said. “And then this ‘Geronimo EKIA’ thing comes up. I just said, ‘Why pick on us?’ Robert E. Lee killed more Americans than Geronimo ever did, and Hitler would seem to be evil personified, but the code name for bin Laden is Geronimo?”