From an email forwarded to me moments ago by Erik Henriksen:

Cannes, France — May 9, 2011 [ooh, from the future!-Eds.]— Producer Todd Moyer has announced that Brendan Fraser will take on the title role in the historical family action adventure WILLIAM TELL: 3D, to be shot this fall in Europe... Moyer says, “There is no other actor who is more perfectly suited to be the patriot and family man that is William Tell. Brendan was the driving force behind the movie being shot in 3D. He’s a witty, charming and very likeable action hero, and he really anchors the ensemble cast.”

Sweet! If ever a story cried out to be told in 3D, it is William Tell. I imagine this movie will be 90 minutes straight of arrows flying at the camera. Swooosh! Pschew! Pscheeew! Swwwowwww! Anything less and I will be sorely disappointed.
This announcement caps a true summer of love for Brendan Fraser. This is the fourth film announcement for the star in recent weeks. Fraser’s currently on location in Belfast shooting the “fish heist” comedy WHOLE LOTTA SOLE
I'm gonna stop right there, because while I agree that Whole Lotta Sole is a SUPERBLY CLEVER name for a "fish heist" film, the Mercury Movie-Naming Team quickly convened and came up with a few even better title ideas for you, after the jump.

• Sole Man
• Fish out of Water
• No Trout About It
• Holy Mackerel
• Flounding Father (they travel back in time to meet George Washington)
• Harold and Cod
• It Takes Tuna to Tango
• Raiders of the Lost Shark
• It's a Koi!
• Hard of Herring
• The World According to Carp
• Starfish Wars
• Terminator 3: Rise of the Sardines
• Are You There, Cod? It's Me, Mahi-Mahi
• Minnow and Moscowitz
• Robocarp (oh, please, someone make this movie)
• The Seventh Eel
• Guppy the Vampire Slayer
• The Texas Chainsaw Bassacre
• WALL•Eye
• Some Pike it Hot
• Starship Groupers

Your additions, please.