Before he shuffles away from the Mercury Art Director chair forever and starts his lucrative new career, our beloved Justin "Scrappers" Morrison built this incredible Blogtown Wheel of Fun for us to play with. We'll use it to assign various challenges (as in Worst Night Ever), drunken dares, and maybe even a few contest winners can come in and spin the thing in order to win some valuable-ish prizes. Basically, it's the most important wooden structure since the cross they hung Jesus on. And it has a cat on it.

Naming a Wheel of Fun is as important as naming a seafaring vessel, and more important than naming a stupid baby, so we need to give this cat a name. Our original idea ("Metaphor for Alison Hallett's Loneliness") was too long. Suggest a name in the comment section below and we'll write the best ones on the wheel and then give it a spin and pick a winner.

Wheels are fun! To see a creepy video of Scrappers demonstrating his creation, click below.