The national media has found its angle on tomorrow's Timbers/Sounders match: Hipsters!

The Wall Street Journal 's Hannah Karp (who was great before she totally went corporate) offers a rundown of the rivalry that doubles as a national forum for fans to air their ... grievances with the other side.

Timbers fans undoubtedly noticed this particular passage, when Karp quotes one particularly outspoken little shit avid Sounders fan:

Only diehards like 15-year-old Steven Agen remember the last Seattle-Portland match in the second-tier United Soccer League the summer before Seattle got its MLS club in 2009. Half an hour before kickoff, Timbers fans held a funeral procession to mark the end of the rivalry by stuffing a toy whale in a coffin that was painted, oddly, in Timbers yellow and green.

At a recent Sounders game, Agen said Timbers fans "are not the brightest bunch," thanks, he said, to their being "meth-headed" and "jobless." He said he has big plans for Saturday's match, though he wouldn't give details. "I'm one of the people they'll have to remove," he says.

Keeping with the theme, Ray Gustini of The Atlantic Wire breaks down Portland-Seattle as a "Clash of the Hipster Titans." Pretty sure Gustini favors the Rose City in his tale-of-the-tape, which, ironically, is probably a victory for Seattle.

So much more tomorrow, but for now, click past the jump for *shaky video* of coach John Spencer's final chat with the media before his club boarded a bus and headed north. Says Spencer: "If you beat your big rivals, you don't get any extra points for it."