Okay, actually, good old person news first: TriMet is not bumping up fares on LIFT rides anytime soon. These are the special TriMet van pick-ups of people who are unable to ride the bus because of a disability, and they're spendy. The average ride costs TriMet $29, but riders only pay a $1.85 fare. Dozens of people with disabilities showed up at the TriMet board meeting on Wednesday to protest the proposed plan to increase the fare to $3 and the public transit agency decided to table the matter until January.

Now the bizarre and bad stuff. An 84-year-old woman waiting for the bus in Gresham Wednesday afternoon was attacked and beaten, allegedly by a 19-year-old Tennessee transient. The suspected attacked assaulted several people at the Cleveland Avenue stop without any provocation, according to witnesses. The 84-year-old, Muriel Morgan, sustained a broken nose and a head gash requiring staples.

Across town, a 65-year-old man suffered life-threatening injuries he walked in front of a MAX train pulling into the 12th and Washington Blue Line station in Hillsboro. This is the second serious crash with a pedestrian in two months, after a man was reportedly decapitated by a MAX train in June. Keep it safe out there, friends.