And now for some good news, for a change: Yesterday Oregon joined Hawaii and Washington in its statewide ban of the sale, trade, and possession of shark fins. Lest you be ignorant of how barbaric this tradition is, "The fins are often cut from a live shark, which is then tossed back in the ocean to bleed to death, drown or be attacked by other predators." If that's not sad enough, the practice is threatening to make sharks extinct, which is doubly horrible. The argument that the practice of finning is a cultural right kind of pales in the face of that. Anyhow, it looks like it's time to clear out the wall of sadness at Wong's King. (This is my only complaint about Wong's. Their dim sum is where it's at.) And, could it really be a coincidence that this legislation passed during SHARK WEEK?? I think not.

Dont fin me, bitch.
  • Don't fin me, bitch.