Another Fatal Hit and Run: Following a recent uptick in bike crash fatalities, another bicyclist was killed in a hit and run collision with a car on SE 82nd and Division early this morning.

Mad House: Eight Republican presidential candidates spar at Iowa debate. Incivility and animosity, commence!

Now, in Tragic News: More protesters killed in Syria following nightly prayers.

A Step Ahead: Washington state's Suquamish tribe approves same-sex marriage, protest-free.

Just BFFs, not BFs: Despite an online petition urging Sesame Street to marry the duo, Bert and Ernie remain just friends.

Darcelle Down: Drag icon Darcelle (aka Walter Cole) arrested for assaulting two OLCC officers in his Portland nightclub.

P.U. Box: This guy finally found his mailbox


Fun Fact
: Acidic banana peels found to turn dirty, polluted water into drinkable water.