If you're looking for a relaxing way to spend your Saturday tomorrow or the mere thought of Last Thursday sets off your patchouli allergy, stay the hell away from Alberta. If, however, you are looking for shopping (150 vendors!), face-stuffing, dancing (live music lineup here), and beer gardening, there is only one place to be: the Alberta Street Fair. The thing I like about street fairs is when they are not in your neighborhood they are like mainlining the experience of being from a different part of town, and Alberta is always good for some extreme people watching in addition to all the new bars, restaurants, and shops that just seem to keep coming (recent favorites of mine include Natural Selection and the Hilt). The madness begins at 11 am and goes until 7 between 10th and 30th, so shake off your walking shoes, get plenty of sleep, and do your stretches.