*Bark* *Please kill me* *Bark* *Bark*
  • *Bark* *Please kill me* *Bark* *Bark*

Zombies, pirates, zombies, pirates, zombies, pirates... sometimes Portland's quirkiness and steadfast desire to stay weird gets a little predictable. Case in point, the Portland Pirate Festival which is celebrating its sixth (!) year of saying the word "Yar" on September 3-4 at the Historic Waterfront in St Helens, OR—of course the Portland Pirate Festival is not actually in Portland.

The new location in St Helens, OR (Portland’s nearest escape and film location for the first Twilight movie) offers a variety of great changes to this staple NW festival, including: a beautiful spot on the Columbia River, an Olde Towne setting and ample moorage for boats at the city docks and on Sand Island.

Other fun new events in 2011 will include the addition of Mermaid Lagoon; wild costume parades lead by The Last Regiment Drummers and The Oregon Defense Force Pipe Band; the comedy of Cap'n Chris the Hypnotist; Curtis Carlyle Seriously Funny Juggling, and the whip cracking Left Caress.

How do you like your juggling? Seriously fucking funny, that's how. Plus the PPF is flying the sails of awesome at full mast with the two greatest words known to man: comedy hypnotist.

It's like they customized this entire event for our Discomfort Zone series.