The line for Kate Beaton at Stumptown last year indicates that Portland loves Hark! A Vagrant. AS IT SHOULD.

Here's an interview Beaton recently did with the Hairpin.

Some of my favorite comics of yours include the “Hipsters Ruin Everything” series, where you argue that young people co-opting aesthetics from artistic movements is nothing new. I really like that because it’s a different approach to all the hipster jokes that tend to dominate the internet. Do you think the majority of hipster jokes have gotten redundant?

I think most hipster jokes on the internet are the worst, most unimaginative things there are, and this is from a woman who has made some! I have the WWII Hipster Battalion and Hipsters Ruin Everything comics. But I don’t think any idea is so stale that no one can ever touch it again. It’s just that most of the time, you see people go for that “it was cool last year I’m a hipster skinny jeans” route. I have a joke in WWII Hipster Battalion where one guy does that “maybe I would have been into this liberation of the coast thing last year.” But that’s not the main joke. The main joke happens when they actually get to Normandy and only liberate the cafes so they can loiter in them. So, I guess I am not above the old, worn out hipster jokes, but that can’t be the only thing you have.

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