Boy Wearing Skirt Is a "Distraction"


I don't know about punishing him, but I can easily see kids in a class whispering about the boy and ignoring the teacher.
It could easily be a distraction. I just don't know about punishing him.
Should kids be allowed to wear gang clothes in school?
This is not meant to compare exploring ones' sexuality through clothing is the same as fostering the violence of gangs, but rather they could both be distractions from what the teacher is trying to do.
Lazy, shoot-from-the-hip opinions can be treacherous. It's important to look at constitutional law: the issue is not whether it "could easily be a distraction," which is a vague slippery slope. The crucial factor in a case like Tinker v. Des Moines was whether any significant disruption did in fact occur as a result of what the student was wearing, one that stood in the way of the normal functioning of the classroom. That had not occurred, so the court upheld the student's constitutional rights of expression.
It's doubly hypocritical they have spirit days and dress-up days where students are encouraged to come to school in costume, and they they enforce some double standard of what's generally "socially acceptable" for boys or girls.
And if there was whispering going on about this, any teachers worth their salt would use it as a teachable moment.
'Well, this being Algebra Class, let's take a few moments to discuss Johnnys skirt"
That kind of teachable moment?
I'll bet the kid is a lousy student to boot. Look at how many times he has been disciplined. Maybe a great deal of this was homophobia, we don't know.
I see nothing wrong with enforcing a dress code for schools.
He just wants attention.
Right, and women started wearing pants, breaking society's dress code because they just wanted attention. Fucking troublemakers from a century ago, they should never have gotten away with it!

I'll bet that [baseless comment]. It seems like [misinformed judgment]. I just wonder whether [culturally conservative statement devoid of fact or context], who knows? [Over-general red herring.]
Thatnks for always giving us the benefit of your wisdom, frankieb.
And yes, even in math or history class or whatever, a teacher could take a few moments to use an instance of whispering, snickering, or taunting to discuss with students the prejudices and double standards that usually go unquestioned as a way of addressing the problem. I know teachers who've done this. It beats blaming the victim and trampling people's rights.
What the hell. I wore a skirt to high school (I am a 6'2" man, this was 1994) on a few different occasions and nobody said jack shit to me. Well, except for the numerous compliments that I got about the skirt, mostly from ladies.
Wait, the school mascot is a group of condoms?
Geyser + 1000.
The school as a tool of social change, right?
I wonder how many teachers would share your point of view. Obviously not the teachers at that school.
What of the rights of the other kids in class who don't really care what this attention-whore wears but want to learn what they are studying for?
No wonder our schools are in trouble.

#5 .... the teachers were afraid of you!
Wasn't that kinda a trend for awhile back around '94 for guys to wear dresses? That JAMES cd Laid from about '94 had all the guys wearing dresses. I remember going to parties with other guys who would wear dresses for a laugh. It worked on the ladies.

Joneser X 5

That's 5000 candles in the wind for geyser.
@ frankieb - It wasn't a trend at my school. No one did that to my knowledge, and not at parties either. I never owned a James cd. You might be right about them being afraid of me though, most people are. Which is ironic, because I'm really nice (if you can get past the endless barrage of sarcasm and lame jokes). Obviously I was looking for attention, but even more I wanted to challenge norms and limitations around me.

I actually got the most shit from people when I would dress normally and ride my skateboard down the street; rednecks would throw things at me from their pickups and call me a faggot or whatever.
@ never alone: Who the fuck do you think you are, distracting those rednecks like that?


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Eno worked with them on this album.
Frankieb, you are on FIRE today. I feel like you're posting this via the wifi at the Hawthorne Fred Meyer.
@ CC - Seriously, if you want to fuck with a redneck, get on a skateboard. I don't know what it is about rednecks and skateboards.