Oh man, hes got the exact same Five Finger Death Punch tat as you have. Bummer.
  • Oh man, he's got the exact same Five Finger Death Punch tat as you have. Bummer.

Another week, another Mercury music section to line your birdcage with as you watch this video of an adorable little scamp asking death metal bands about babies. Hey kid, the answer to your question is Lemmy. Babies comes from Lemmy. All of them.

It's been nearly six months since KUFO was yanked from the airwaves, leaving Portland's hard rock and metal community without a spot on the FM dial to call their own. We take a trip to RockFest to see how their fanbase is coping.

Big Black Cloud has streamlined their lineup and are preparing to make the rounds in support of their latest cassette, Shitty Vibrations. I know what you are thinking, is there a theremin on this release that makes fart noises? What? You weren't thinking that? Sorry, my bad.

Big Black Cloud - "Human Host"

After a two year delay, Young Jeezy returns with Thug Motivation 103. I'm sorry, but that album title sounds like a class at the Learning Annex.

Young Jeezy - "All White Everything"

Wheedle's Groove is an excellent documentary on Seattle's sizzling soul/funk scene from 1965-75. Wheedle's Groove is also the all-star band, a 15-20 piece outfit composed of musicians featured in the film. See them both in the same night.

Black On White Affair - "Bold Soul Sister, Bold Soul Brother"

End Hits: Death metal babies.