It's been brought to my attention that Blogtown readers are aging rapidly, and are therefore expendable. However, we do appreciate the years of dedication you've given to Blogtown, and hope you will leave at the earliest possible convenience. But before you go, if you happen to know any young people, we'd appreciate it if you'd direct them to our newest blog column on your way out the door. It's called:


Hey Kids! Welcome to Blogtown—where we "Kare" about "Kids" and their "Koncerns!" (And "Korners.") Do you have a "koncern" you'd like to get off your chest? Write to us HERE, and we'll post your "koncern." Then our "kommenters" will give you advice on what you "kan" do to resolve your "konundrum." Oh-"K"? Oh-"K"! Here's our first Kids' Koncerns Korner letter from Elsie Minert of SE Portland.

I love Happy Meals. I get them whenever my parents let me. I like the toys they put inside. I like french fries. I don't like the hamburgers. They put pickles on them! Why do they do that? No kid likes pickles! But they're on every Happy Meal hamburger. This is concerning to me.—Elsie Minert, Age 6

Hey Kids! Got a suggestion that will "kure" Elsie's "koncern"? "Kick" it to the "komments" below!