It's really really real, guys: Content is back! I've been on the planning committee to resurrect the now-legendary event that went down two years ago at the Ace Hotel, so I'll keep most of my conflict of interest-y thoughts to myself, but in the interest of your own information, know that the event details are now up here and the designers involved include: the Rad Summer Collective, a special showcase of recent graduates from the Art Institute's design program, Joshua Buck for Studio SKB, Ruki (Melanie Parr), Moonwoods, Sarah Seven, Reif, Pattern People, Draught Dry Goods, Andy Lifschutz, Dawn Sharp, Isaac Hers, John Blasioli, the Portland Garment Factory, Emily Katz, Bridge & Burn, BOET, BLTN Jewelry, Carly Mick & Susanna Hohmann, Duchess, Sara Bergman, IDOM, Haunt, Jayme Hansen, Frocky Jack Morgan, Chromium Dunb Belle, and Tanner Goods.