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Just when your unwavering faith in Portland's greatness was waning, history proves otherwise. According to a 1911 Oregonian article, Portland has always been mind-blowingly brilliant. Portland, the "meat-packing center of the Pacific Coast", seemed to have been the best and greatest in all categories, ranging from top-notch lighting to incredible postal stamp sales.

On that note, the post office business appeared to booming...a contrast to its current state. And as 2011 Portland welcomes the new composting program, its 1911 ancestor patted itself on the back for a new garbage incinerator.

But some things haven't changed. This fact sheet draws an unusual connection between New York City and PDX for one commonality: weather patterns. Apparently NYC and PDX shared the same amount of rainfall. Portland's Rose Parade remains "unsurpassed in beauty" and streetcar biz — albeit slow-moving and a lot pricier — continues to grow. I'd love to see the the Oregonian's updated version of this list.

Three cheers for the greatness of Portland!