So That Time You Spent Tripping at Renn Fayre WASN'T a Total Waste!


I went to Reed for four years and all I got was this job at the Mercury.
Hippies who do 'em constantly excepted, I have more respect for and get on better with people who have experience with psychedelic drugs. Some people should never do 'em though. Would shatter their world.

Loved living in Japan when mushrooms weren't "illegal" and you could buy 'em from people setting up tables in the street or at the Deadhead record store in Shimokitazawa I used to buy 'em at. A few different kinds and you got a punch card---every 10th purchase got you a free bag! Nice! Went to a huge trance festival at a couple of clubs in Shinjuku--at the Liquid Room there were giant mushrooms hanging from the ceiling and after DJ EYE from the Boredoms did his set, this punk band played---hanging upside down from a cage bolted to the ceiling. At first thought they were mannequins or something, but no---a band with all their gear and everything bolted to the ceiling. Talk about fucking trippy.. Then saw the Boredoms side project AOA at another club---just amazing--may have been the 'shrooms and X, but they were unbelievable.

Drugs are fun.