I just watched the president give his opening remarks at his presser this morning. Liked the points about rebuilding roads and bridges—and he mentioned traveling to Kentucky to draw attention to bridges in that state, GOP Sen. Mitch McConnell's home state, that are literally falling apart. I think he needed a little laugh line there, a little Reaganesque touch. Here you go:

These bridges are going to have to rebuilt sometime. And soon. The private sector isn't going to rebuild bridges in Kentucky. McDonalds isn't in the bridge building business. The people of Kentucky can't hold a bake sales to rebuild their bridges. The government built these bridges and the government is going to have to rebuild them. Why not rebuild them now? Why not now when people are out of work? Four years ago in Minneapolis we saw what happens when the government waits too long to repair or replace old and decaying bridges: they fall down, and people die. Now it may not be in my political self-interest, but I'm out here trying to save the lives of some of Sen. McConnell's constituents. And Mitch is fighting me on this?

You're welcome.