Military Recruitment Meets its Match


"There is nothing in this resolution that says there is a condemnation of military service"....

wink wink
It sounds alot like anti-abortion protesters demands to 'educate' women before allowing them an abortion.
With graduation levels at 50% in Portland, I wonder what excellent life alternatives these "counter recruiters" will be offering local teens.
Think these peace flyers and posters will be able to get their message across without name-calling, or lying?
Blogtown has finally become dominated by pro-status-quo commenters who will toss glib criticisms at every single attempt to reverse the course of the last decade.

@Blabby: "life alternatives" like not getting killed, maimed or living with PTSD for starters. Let me guess: you're blaming counter-recruiters for not having an answer to the employment situation, and using that to say that enlisting is a good idea. Or what?
'attempt to reverse the course of the last decade'

Have you noticed any news about PPS in that time span?
Of course. That's part of the status quo that I regretfully acknowledge every day. What is your point, if you have one?
Reymont- They should lie, and why not? Military recruiters lie their asses off. When I got to basic training that was the big complaint amongst the new recruits
They don't need to lie. The reality for those deployed (what they're asked to do, what is done to them, what they see) is frequently so horrible that those who later talk about their experiences are not believed, or people just don't want to hear it.
I thought we were supposed to be recruiting into the gay lifestyle in public schools. Now that DADT has been repealed, we can just have the military do it for us.
Military Recruiters are not interested in kids that can't even get a GED, at least. So, for alot of those kids not graduating there isn't anything the service can offer them.
Now, since the military doesn't start wars, a position held by our elected officials, all this 'Peace promoting, anti-war' bullshit is clearly aimed at the wrong people.
It should then be defined as 'well, you could lose your life, be forced to take a life or be maimed, suffer PTSD, ' - but then again, the cops, firefighters, or any multitude of professions out there that are dangerous should also warned against.
The PPS did make the bonehead decision to run an expensive campaign for a huge tax increase, despite of the cities 10% unemployment rate.
So, I'm not surprised by this.
However, I don't think it will make any difference.
The services have alot going for them.
I do propose though that the anti-recruitment folks get a lesson in who starts wars, and maybe also learn that just because you join the service it doesn't mean you want to kill babies.
War has never solved anything
except for creating the United States
and for ending
and a few other 'unpleasant' institutions and regimes
LOL @ libtards
Hey Andy and frankieb, as long as you guys are mindlessly throwing around pro-war cliches that have not specific bearing on the topic at hand, why not include this tried-and-true ones: "All those speaking out against us invading other countries are cowards and traitors."
"There is no greater honor than to die in battle for one's country."
"Our military is in Vietnam, and then in Iraq to fight for our freedoms!"
"It's a great career move. You'll see the world!"
Sign up, kids
Uh, what pro-war cliche'?
For quotes, how about:
"Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel"
which I believe in too.
Nice to see everyone here's just IN LOVE with our imperialist military.
Who would you choose geyser to take up arms to defend the nation? YOU? LOL
@ geyser, you're 100% right and it's why btown is the No Fun Zone. There are some regulars who can defend the status quo in an intelligent, not-knee-jerkily-fucktarded way, but as for the others:

@ D, where exactly do I sign up to have you, frankieb, and Andy shipped the fuck out to defend my freedoms?
@colon G'Morning....
I already did my time. I'm BACK. Just to terrorize you in these pages...heh
But, seriously, I ask you - if service men and women do not start wars, why would peace-protesters wish to 'educate' them and not our politicians; and why then is not any potentially dangerous profession targeted for 'education'?
As far as 'knee-jerk reactions' goes, I think we are all guilty of that.
Including you.