Thanks to Jason for the butt-cringing Twin Peaks/Donahue rabbit hole.

Ah Blogtown. Thank you for your never-ending patience with my obsessions, which have zero to little bearing on your everyday lives. So instead of lingering on the topic of costumed pugs or dancing Ann-Margrets, let's talk about a TV show that's been off the air for over 20 years: Twin Peaks! I don't whether it's thanks to Netflix Instant or synchronicity, but Portland is popping with Twin Peaks events over the next couple weeks. Tonight is the Twin Peaks costume party at the Record Room (8 NE Killingsworth, 7 pm, $3-5), which Will mentioned over in Destination Fun. Alas, I'm outta town today or I'd catch all you Log Ladies there.

Coming up on November 11 at the Star Theater is the best idea since Kyle MacLachan switched from Heineken to Pabst Blue Ribbon. Sign of the Beast Burlesque is putting on the David Lynch-themed Black Lodge Burlesque. Which makes me want to do the Man from Another Place dance, roll around in some creamed corn, and then drive my lawnmower over a severed ear then keep on driving 'til dawn to have a sitdown with my long-estranged brother. (I'm excited... shhhh, it's a secret.) So that big beautiful event will set you back a mere $10. I can't wait for the Elephant Man striptease!

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