Occupy News! Portland's two camps may face eviction—the mayor and police chief are holding a press conference at 10am to discuss their future.

Let's Not De-Occupy Like This: Police move in on Berkeley protesters, creating two violent confrontations.

Boooooze! Washington State privatizes its liquor sales—is Oregon next?

Smooth Move, Air Force: For years, the Dover Air Force Base dumped the ashes of dead soldiers in a landfill.

Rick Perry Brain Freeze: There's three government bureaus Perry's going to eliminate. Now if he could just remember their names....

Penn State Students Protest en masse against sexual violence. NOPE! Against the firing of a football coach for his role in the campus's alleged failure to stop sexual assaults. [EDIT: This write-up was changed at 2pm. It previously said the coach himself was charged with assault. Which is WRONG.]

Emergency Alert! The big national test of the emergency alert system may or may not have played a Lady Gaga song instead of the alarm in some states.

Obama Dribbles Alone: The president's basketball buddy will likely leave the White House soon. Sad Obama. :(

Bunch of Bullshit: A reporter dons a grape costume to interview a student suspended for wearing a banana costume.

Depressing Graphs About Poverty in Oregon: You'll feel bad if you don't look, you'll feel bad if you do.