Another week, another Mercury music section to ignore as you fume with rage at Prefix's list of the best mustaches in rock. How could they possibly overlook Morgan Fisher from Mott the Hoople? It boggles the mind. (And no Oates? Really, Prefix?)

M83's new double album is filled with stratospheric synths, joyous dance beats, and millions of jumping frogs.

M83 - "Midnight City"

Leslie Feist learned this the hard way: When you're recording your album at Big Sur, don't forget to pack a sweater.

Feist - "How Come You Never Go There"

Nothing says folky family fun like synthesizers and self-flagellation. Such was the scene when Baltimore electro group Future Islands took the stage at Pickathon this summer.

Future Islands - "Balance"

Seattle garage practitioners Koko and the Sweetmeats' latest record has the same songs on the A-side and the B-side, in radically different arrangements. It's to the band's credit that they absolutely don't feel like they're repeating themselves.

Koko and the Sweetmeats - "Love Song to Make Us Millions (Side A version)"

Plus a healthy shake of Up and Comings.