Okay, the timing of our Blogtown meetup (tonight! Old Gold! 5:30 pm!) is a little unfortunate, because tonight also boasts two top-notch literary events. First of all, Nora Robertson is hosting a discussion at PNCA called Author and Artist as Activist: When Creativity and Politics Collide, which is notable for its solid lineup of local writers and artists: Monica Drake, Matt Bors, Shannon Wheeler, Lidia Yuknavitch, Nora Robertson, Mark Russell. They promise to "dig into how art can lead to political action." That's tonight at PNCA, 7 pm.

And second, the would-prefer-to-remain-anonymous author of Love Is Not Constantly Wondering If You're Making the Biggest Mistake of Your Life is hosting a "Choose Your Own Adventure"-style reading at 7 pm at Reading Frenzy. Which makes sense, 'cause:


The book is really great. If you pay attention to local literature, you should get to know it. Read my review if you don't believe me.