UP TO 11—It's 11/11/11... so let's turn it up to 11 with two awesome tributes to "Mr. 11" himself, Nigel Tufnel of This Is Spinal Tap. Not only will Cort and Fatboy host a special screening of Tap at the Bagdad, the Tonic Lounge is featuring Tap covers from "Shark Sandwich" (ordinarily Bowie tribute outfit "The Band Who Fell to Earth"). Play "Lick My Love Pump!" WSH
w/Bill Dant & the Trailer Trashers, Oh My Mys at Tonic Lounge, 3100 NE Sandy, 9:30 pm, $6; Bagdad Theater, 3702 SE Hawthorne, 11 pm, $3, 21+

ROLLER CHAMPS—Come out for a rowdy roller-derby happy hour to cheer on Portland's top-ranked sports team, the Rose City Rollers, for their debut at championships in Denver. The gals finished strong at the playoffs and now they're looking to nab the coveted Hydra Trophy. Prepare to cheer and watch them advance after their first bout against Kansas City. Plus, free beer! CF
Paddy's, 65 SW Yamhill, 4:30 pm, FREE, stream it live at

The time for the Rose City Rollers viewing party in the paper this week was WRONG, because we still can't figure out the big hand and the little hand and how to work pesky time zones. The bout actually starts at 4:30 pm (NOT 6:30) this afternoon!! Good thing it's Veterans' Day so you can roll on down to Paddy's without having to worry about cheating on your timecard. Plus you CAN bring your rugrats (at least until 9 pm), so bring your favorite Rosebud or niece.