Trusty Occupy Update: Despite a conflict-free (and freezing) Friday night at the Occupy Portland camp, police and occupiers alike prepare for tonight's looming eviction. Follow the blog for an up-to-date analysis.

...and in Oakland: The city announces another immediate eviction (without deadline) of the Occupy Oakland camp after a death by gunshot on the premises.

Asking for it: In response to Syria's harsh crackdown on anti-government protesters, the Arab League gives the country three days to end its violent rebuttal and implement an Arab peace deal or face suspension from the regional body.

Home Run: After a harrowing 50 hours in captivity, Washington Nationals catcher Wilson Ramos is rescued from his kidnappers in Venezuela.

Eddie Murphy, Replaced: Billy Crystal (unfortunately, NOT the Muppets) will host 2012's Oscars.

Upsetting News of the Day: Africa's Western Black Rhino is officially declared extinct. Poachers are to blame.

Question Mark?: A pair of shots were fired near the White House last evening, leading to the discovery of an AK-47 in an abandoned car. No suspects were found.

Beard Betrayal: Following a recent slew of beard-cutting attacks in a Amish communities, another Amish man cuts off his father's beard, a symbol of disgrace.

Meanwhile, in Kenya: Cow herders are now managing their cattle via mobile phone.

Not on Board: A survey finds Lake Oswegans largely apathetic and opposed to the streetcar expansion aimed at their neck of the woods.

REALLY?: Another severed foot washes to shore in British Columbia. This is the ninth in the past four years.

In Tiny Food Land: More of the below scenes here. I know you're interested.

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