The good folks over at Eater have just posted the winners of their annual Eater Awards, and while Portland wasn't well-represented in any of the national categories, its worth checking out our local winners. Editors nominated five candidates for each category, then readers voted on their favorites. St. Jack took home Restaurant of the Year, beating out Natural Selection, DOC, Little Bird Bistro, and Olympic Provisions NW. Wafu won the category of "So Hot Right Now" (a category, which, in turn, won "longest-running Zoolander reference"), Greg Denton of Metrovino won Best Chef, Tommy Klus of Kask took Best Bartender, and Kurt Huffman of Chefstable was crowned "Empire Builder of the Year."

The only category I really take issue with is Best Bathroom. Nothing against Departure, but Ground Kontrol's Tron-inspired sinks and Pac-Man-tiled floors clearly make for the best place in the city to powder one's nose.

What say you, Blogtown? Was this a success of democracy? Have the people wielded their power wisely?