While Occupy Portland was grabbing most of the headlines across town this weekend, Police Chief Mike Reese took a step toward his post-police-bureau future last Friday and quietly registered an account to start raising campaign cash for next year's mayoral race.

Which I'll take as the most official sign to date that he's all in—coming after the AFL-CIO confirmed he'll be attending a candidates forum tomorrow night despite a lack of official announcement. No money yet. It's just there waiting.


Reese is listed as the only person associated with the account other than personnel from C&E Systems, a go-to operator with clients like Nick Fish and Suzanne Bonamici. I've left the chief a message. And, as always, I'll update when I hear back.

Correction: Doreen Binder, listed as treasurer, is the executive director of Transitions Projects. The two have a long relationships that goes back to Reese's days as commander of Central Precinct. Reese has been on Transitions' board since 2007.

Update 5:20 PM: Mayor Sam Adams' office says he has "no comment" on whether the chief has officially told him of his intentions. And police spokesmen says he can't comment on it, because it's political, and that the chief says all calls on his ambitions should go through Reese himself.

Further, the city's elections officer, Ryan Kinsella, says he's also yet to see any paperwork on the city's side.