If you haven't noticed, B-town regular Joneser has been doing a kick-ass job recapping Community and Parks and Recreation every Friday. And while many express undying love for P&R... Community is kind of an odd duck isn't it? And perhaps because of that, NBC has announced it's "benching" the comedy for an indefinite period of time (uh-oh) which inspired this funny OccupyNBC movement. Anyway, this begs the question: What did Community do wrong (if anything)? Here are some thoughts on that very subject from half-fan and Atlantic writer Richard Lawson:

Good grief did it become awfully impenetrable awfully fast. It didn't take long for all of the quirk and cutesiness and sly winking to pile up into a wall that was likely too high to climb for many a new viewer. And it certainly doesn't help that that wall is slathered in a coat of daunting smugness. Again, the show is fun and witty once you figure your way into it, but it takes a while, and many a fickle TV viewer just isn't willing to put in that time. The show needs (needed?) to be a little less into itself, a little bit less of an inward-facing nerd knot, if they hope (hoped?) to bring in new viewers. We're not saying the show has to dumb itself down, it just has to be more welcoming, it needs a least a few occasional access points. A deliberately obscure Star Wars reference followed by a self-satisfied smirk just isn't going to cut it.

Calling all Community lovers and loathers! Agree? Disagree? Your opinion is needed on this critical subject!

In somewhat related P&R news: Will there be an "Occupy Pawnee"?