This person hates kids... and dogs. And people. With kids... and dogs.

I don't know how many "anti-children" I have met who are crazy animal people. Treating their annoying dogs like they are human babies and even putting human emotions onto them. I wonder what this mentality is where one criticizes parenting, all the while being a horrible pet owner. You know, I have NEVER stepped on a dirty diaper. But, I can't tell you how many times a neglectful pet owner caused me to step in a pile of you know what.

Ummm... actually I don't "know what." A pile of dirty laundry? A pile of potato salad? A pile of "anti-children" hippies? WHAT KIND OF PILE ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT??? I MUST KNOW!!!

Anywhoop, read the rest here and drop off your own pile... of confessions or rants in the barren, infertile land known as the I, Anonymous Blog: Where one child or dog is one child or dog too many!