University of Oregon President Ousted


You have a number of key facts wrong in this article - in fact, this is one of the most sloppy pieces of reporting I have ever seen in the Mercury.

1. Lariviere has not been fired. A board member has told him that his contract will not be terminated. This leads to -

2. The ethics complaint was not made to any University body. It went to the Oregon Government Ethics Commission. The complaint was made because the Board of Higher Education HAS NOT YET FIRED LARIVIERE, but seems to have made the decision (not simply "publicized" it) without going through mandatory open meetings procedures.

3. This had nothing to do with Lariviere's "budgetary decision making"! It's related to his plan to change the entire funding and management structure of the U of O and, really, the state system of higher education.... 'Managing up,' as it were.

4. I don't know anything about journalism, but I think it would have made more sense for you to quote from Lariviere's latest letter to the University (which I have forwarded to you).

I suggest you take this post down, bring yourself up to speed on this issue, and then post a correct article. is a great resource, as is (somehow) the O.
Hmm..It looks like his decisions based on OUS funding/budget without much discussion with peers led to OUS dissatisfaction. I also linked to Lariviere's most recent letter in the post, while I didn't pull a quote directly from it. I'm sorry to have upset ya.
You can't come in arrogant and start throwing elbows at your own bosses. Doesn't matter how good your new ideas are. Tact and diplomacy are parts of keeping a job, not just your job-specific skills.
Since the state of Oregon only kicks in about 10 percent of UOs budget, maybe Larivierre thought he only had to kiss ass 10 percent of the time.

Oh, and you failed to mention the biggest point of contention between OUS and Larviere: he game faculty raises, out of UOs own budget, when Kitz told all the universities to freeze wages.

Zach's comment probably comes on a bit too strong, but this post is due for a total rewrite. No offense.
"maybe Larivierre thought he only had to kiss ass 10 percent of the time."

He was wrong.