Hand-Eye Supply has been hosting the twice-monthly Curiosity Club pretty much since they opened their doors. Tonight they're capping off their year-plus of speakers with a party for all the alumni—people who make things, think things, etc., or as they put it: "Designers, Tinkerers, Makers, Writers, Theorists, Open Source Manufacturing advocates, Teachers, a Cyborg Anthropologist, a Historian, a Luthier, a Pinhole Camera maker, a Knife maker, a One-Wheeled Motorcycle designer and developer, a Chef, an Upholsterer, an amateur Rocket Scientist, an Improv Comedian, Cargo Bike Builders," and so forth.

You can enjoy no-doubt scintillating conversation with this crowd tonight at the shop from 6-9 pm over various refreshments (23 NW 4th). You have until then to brush up on the speakers you missed with CC's handy video archive.