Quick note to the racist who keeps submitting that racist I, Anonymous submission we keep rejecting: Cut it out! You're being racist! And we don't like that! Thank you.

Now on to the quote o' the day, which was plucked from a non-racist submission entitled "PUPPY TORTURE"!!!

Hey lady! What makes you think it's OK to leave a young puppy tied up in the bitter cold and dark in front of Ruby Jewel while you and your child eat ice cream inside the nice warm parlor? I haven't heard a dog cry and literally scream like that since I saw one hit by a car and eviscerated.

Yeah! Keeping a dog from joining you inside to eat ice cream is like the Holocaust! (Wait... I think I'm being a bit racisty there.) Anyway, read the rest of this escalating rant here, drop off your own (non-racisty) submission here, and read ALL of the alternately entertaining/annoying rants and confessions in the I, Anonymous Blog.