Bio Hazard: Pee Wee's Less-Than-Playful House


"There is a devil in Mr. Herman"? First of all, his name is Mr. Reubens, and second: he was unfair, possibly, to some of his colleagues? That's it? A book like this could be written about any and every celebrity, major or minor (but in most cases probably shouldn't be).

My guess is that the author, "fanatic" or not, is hoping to sell the book to people who want to read, yet again, about Paul beating off to a porn flick. I'd rather just watch "Nurse Nancy," personally.
I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone that looks like Pee-Wee.
I don't know anyone that looks like Pee-Wee either, nor do I consider bow-ties phallic.
I'm with Todd about watching Nurse Nancy rather than read this book - or was it just the reviewers words I find distasteful?
Reubens and Pee Wee inc also have a large debt of gratitude towards David Letterman, who booked him numerous times during Dave's wild years (relatively speaking) on NBC.
I signed up just to post this. Pee-wee's a creep, as your article points out. But you forgot to mention he got busted for CHILD PORN!!! To think my family spent money on his garbage.
The charges against him in that case were dropped. It was all related to witness testimony in the Jeffrey Jones bust. He was cleared of those charges.
I find him to be a creepy sad little man who I never found remotely funny and it would shock very little if he is in fact a pederast.
You're wrong- he was CONVICTED of that crime. He was on the perv registry in the city or state it happened. You wouldn't see Mr. Rogers or Captain Kangaroo get busted for crimes against little boys.
"in the city or state it happened" Yeah, what a keen grasp of the facts. Now that you've doubled down on the libel, here's what really happened:…
The charges of "crimes against little boys" are so preposterously ignorant, that I'll just sigh and turn to more trivial things here.
What is a comma-lick? I always called Tintin's thing a quiff, and Pee-wee didn't have one.
Calling him a "borderline personality type" seems unwarranted and unfair. He was light years away from being like Michael Jackson, but the media were mostly happy to treat him the same way and basically wreck his career.
Finally, Playhouse was not a "faux" children's show. Can't read anymore of this review.
Tod- did you read your own link? Naked boys, genitals exposed. Guilty plea to avoid trial.