Street Roots Crunches Cash Reports in Mayoral Race—Makes Case for Return of Voter-Owned Elections


Just to be clear, under Voter-owned elections, even the candidates who didn't use the system generally limited themselves to maximum contributions of $500. It took all of one election cycle to revert to the big bucks behavior. Sigh...
The $90k that Emily Boyles still owes the city and Jason Cornett's crash and burn campaign are reason enough to scrap voter owned elections.
I don't understand the "even East Portland state Representative Jefferson Smith" part. That's written as if this should surprise someone. Should it?
It would be *really* surprising if it were Amanda Fritz.

But remember this Hall Monitor from the fall:…
Also, Chuck, what Chris said.
I guess people thought Jefferson Smith would be the "left" candidate in the election, when they all suck.

But the order of suckiness seems to be follow their +$1000 percentages, we will probably get Eileen who will promptly try to sell out the city to the highest bidder.
Luckily, the voters saw through the failed 'voter owned' experiment.
@Ardennes, I get it: despite the fact that he has previously accepted lobbyist/corporation/PAC money in his legislative races, he should be expected to be some sacred progressive hero because he made some jabs at the other candidates for taking big money.
Campaign spending is about the only growth industry in Portland.

If you want a cap on donations, put it to the voters. You don't keep a shitty program like "voter owned elections" for the ancillary benefits.
Your phrasing is misleading. It's not "80 percent of checks written
to Charlie Hales... have been for at least $1000", but rather, "80
percent of the money contributed has been in the form of checks for at
least $1000." If you're looking at the number of checks themselves,
only 5% of the checks were for > $1000.

Another interesting number is $199,010 / 45 == $4422.