• RED DAWN Swoon.

When I'm excited about something I won't shut the hell up about it, which means this week I'm going to be going on and on and on about Hecklevision. So, you know, apologies, but also, Hecklevision's going to be awesome, so I guess I'm actually not really that sorry about going on and on about it. I hereby retract my half-hearted apology from the previous sentence.

It all goes down this Friday at the Hollywood Theatre—full details (and tickets) are here, but the basics are that we're gonna show John Millius' amazing red-state epic Red Dawn, and—thanks to science!—people in the audience will be able to send text messages that instantly pop up onscreen. We've got a great lineup of Mercury writers, bloggers, and other funny/smart people who're gonna participate, and if you attend, you can totally send pop-up texts too, though be aware that I have little tolerance for people who're annoying and I will happily block your number should I need to, or should you turn out to be a Commie, or if I just drunkenly decide it would be a fun thing to do. Speaking of which, there will also be beer. Shit. I should have mentioned the part about beer earlier.

Anyway, you should get your tickets now. And then I'll see you Friday. I'll let you buy me a beer, even.