High School Paper Publishes Editorial by a Christian Student Who Believes that Gays and Lesbians Should Be Put to Death Because THE BIBLE!


On a technical note, I think high school student papers can be censored, but not college student papers, according to the Supreme Court.
And of course, you can use the Bible to defend just about any fucked up thing you come up with. It's even kind of into the idea that strangers and the people just down the road are evil, and you should kill them too.

The editor of the paper should have at least gone through and omitted some of the just dirt-dumb things, like "our government is based in religion" and "Jesus spoke against homosexuality". Even more so, when you're inciting violence -specifically and directly- you don't get free-speech protections.

The real counterpoint to the kid's point is really, "Should religious hatemongers be put to death?" Because he spends very little time even talking about adoption, which is what he ostensibly is discussing.
Well in general, christians behold "protected" status in this rotten-ass country. That allows them to get away with all sorts of fucked up deeds that would typically get [non-christians] banned, fired, arrested, harassed, assaulted, or murdered.

I bet this very same school has a ZERO-TOLORANCE policy regarding students wearing "occultic" imagery. Whether it's a public school or some fucked-up private "religious" school, is irrelevant.
Um, not to be all nitpicky but he's got his bible-thumping incorrect. Jesus had nothing to do with Leviticus. This paper should print a retraction if for no other reason than the kid inaccurately attributed libelous slander in his thesis statement.

Just saying.
That was written by a high school student? I would have guessed middle school by the way it just seemed to ramble over the same 2 or 3 points through the whole "article". Very poorly written. Not to mention he's an ignorant sack of shit.