Drunken Prayer
  • Drunken Prayer

The Secret Society—Pete Krebs & His Portland Playboys, 6 pm, free, all ages; Drunken Prayer, Ukeladies, Matt Brown, 9 pm, $8-15
Alberta Street Public House—Mikey's Irish Jam Session, 6:30 pm; Fanno Creek, Daniel Ellsworth & the Great Lakes, 9:30 pm
Backspace—Bear & Moose, Neighbors, Awkward Energy, Fasters, 9 pm, all ages
Bunk Bar—SXSW PDX Showcase Fundraiser: Priory, Norman, 9 pm
Dante's—Motley Crude, The Lordy Lords, Thrones, Iron Lords, Bitch School, 9 pm, $5
East End—Digital Leather, Therapists, Fine Pets, DJ Chris Hnat, 9 pm
Food For Thought Café—KPSU Benefit Show: Tyrants, Drats!!!, NiteBrite, DJ Tuff Gnarly, 8 pm, $3-5
Holocene—Two Years of Ecstasy: Miracles Club, Polonaise, Gemini Lion, Leech, Ecstacy DJs, Ecstatic Eye, 9 pm, $5
Kelly's Olympian—Drew De Man & Old Custer, Ross McLeron & The World Radiant, Siren & the Sea, 9 pm, $5
Mission Theater—Opera vs. Cinema: Aida vs. Metropolis: Douglas Schneider, Gregory Ewer, 7 pm, $9-12
Music Millennium—Black Pussy, 5 pm, free, all ages
Roseland—Too Short, Steady the Boss, DJ Chill, 8 pm, $25, all ages
The Waypost—Small Souls, Barry Brusseau, 8 pm, all ages