Why the City Hall Camping Vigil Is Allowed to Keep Its Tent


Thank you for sharing the existence of Kernel Loose-Nut. His existence not just on this planet but in our fair city makes me happy. Also, I think I need to create an altar.
They should occupy a few streets in Lake Oswego I'd be happy to name... NW has it's share, too, if that's more convenient. Has that even occured to anyone? Do they realize their 1% doesn't spend much time walking around downtown Portland?
I am bummed about the 'streety' drug effected comment I made because it enforces some negative stereotypes and, the fact is, that the vigil would not even still be there if the "bleeding edge" had not filled the gap. But all-in-all a very nice article. Thanks for the coverage.
I don't know, Kernel.. I was there relatively often when they were "filling the gap", and they were clearly fucked up and screaming at passers by, pointlessly vandalizing city property, and begging for money so they could buy more boxes of wine. When a couple of them utterly destroyed the entire thing in a drunken rage I was there helping to clean up and found several needles. Between it not being there, and having it be staffed by people who will give most who walk by a terrible perception of the vigil and by association Occupy as a whole.. I'll take the former.
Yeah, it got pretty bad. i thought it was a goner. Seems to have turned a corner recently. My hope has been restored.
Yes, it has turned a corner recently, thankfully. Though it has moments where it threatens to backtrack, it does honestly seem to be moving forward again.