Mayoral candidate Jefferson Smith got a boost today from bikey folks: Alternative transportation PAC Bike, Walk, Vote declared Smith their pick for replacing Sam Adams next year.

The decision was based on the candidate's answers to a questionnaire, performance in a recent transportation debate, and a "rolling interview" where members rode along with each candidate on a commute from their home to their campaign office. The group says it was a tough call between Charlie Hales and Smith, but went with the latter for his commitment to invest in transit options for outer Portland neighborhoods and his "unequivocal cost-conscious critique of the proposed Columbia River Crossing."

Meanwhile, the group writes, "Eileen Brady’s personally positive outlook on walking and cycling were overshadowed by her reluctance to increase local investments in active transportation, putting her at odds with Portland's vision for a healthy, sustainable city."

Brady has the endorsement of the Portland Business Alliance and IBEW union while Smith got the nod from AFSCME.